I'M ARIA.







    The digital printing solution

    for short and medium runs

  • About ARIA

    Digital printing technology is the core of ARIA: an incredible CMYK water-based single-pass digital technology, with an astonishing speed and the ability to print on all ink-receptive materials (uncoated paper, cardboard, paper board etc.).

  • Flexible and Configurable

    ARIA is more than a digital printer for personalizing packages: it comes with a sturdy mechanic designed to be configured as needed.

    Configurable: it is possible to install an automatic feeder, drying unit, priming unit, and automatic discharger.

  • The solution for overprinting

    on paper bags, boxes and packages

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  • At a glance

    Printing resolution & speed:

    Resolution up to 1600 x 1600 dpi

    Speed up to 46 m/min

    Printing area:

    Max width: 324 mm (12.7 ")

    Ink cartridges:

    4 Individual CMYK cartridges

    Software interface:

    SYSTEC Aria interface, for Windows 10

    Internal RIP based on Harlequin RIP Global Graphics

  • ARIA is a flexible digital printing machine designed for short and medium runs




  • Available versions

    ARIA is available in different mechanical configurations


    The solution for overprinting on paper bags, carton boxes and other packages.

    The automatic feeder is in option

    Markets: shoppers, packages


    This version of ARIA is designed for printing on paper rolls or on primed-plastic rolls, for flexible packaging applications.

    Market: flexible packaging and labels

    In-line retrofit kit

    We can apply the Duraflex printing module to any production line, to manage in-line printing on-demand (bag-making machines, pouches machines, production lines).

    Market: any market needing the in-line printing

  • Features

    ARIA is the answer to a wide range of needs in the packaging printing

    Top-class performances

    Speed and high resolution are the strong points of “ARIA”, granted by the Duraflex printing module by Memjet.

    The machine has been studied for fast printing ensuring a top quality level, powered by Memjet's Technology

    Sturdy mechanical structure with feeder

    ARIA has been designed and produced with a concept coming from the industrial structure for printing and converting equipments: a solid full-frame basement, gearless motors, and converting rollers.

    These features position ARIA in an upper segment compared to the light personalizing printing machines: ARIA is more oriented to the automatic industrial short and medium runs.

    Indeed, it can be equipped with an automatic feeder for the loading of paper bags and other packages on the belt.

    Variable data printing

    Digital printing is flexible: you are free to change the graphic in real-time and you will be immediately ready to print (no cliché plates needed as for the flexo technology), you can personalize the products also for seasonal or promotional events..


    ARIA prints on paper bags but also onto all materials with ink-receptive surfaces such as cardboard, paperboard, boxes, envelopes, folded cartons etc…

    Easy HMI interface

    We've developed a user-friendly touch screen interface for easy operation and product configuration parameters.

    Manage the layout of your file, stretch them and also create multi-layers images on the same artwork.

    Our interface supports all the raster graphic formats and also the PDF workflow.

    Costs under control

    Our software shows the real-time consumption of the ink for each job, with the live calculation of the lot cost. This information can be checked online on the machine's status web page.

    Water-based inks with affordable printing cost

    The CYMK inks are environmentally friendly: they are aqueous pigments, free of reactive chemistries, hazardous UV ink components, so they are in compliance with indirect food contact.

    The ink formulation ensures fast drying.

    The cost of inks is absolutely affordable and ARIA allows a fast Return Of Investment

  •  Technical specs


    Printing resolution & speed:

    Resolution up to 1600 x 1600 dpi

    Speed up to 46 m/min


    Printing width:

    Max width: 324 mm (12.7 ")

    Possibility to stitch N modules for wider printing

    Ink cartridges:

    4 Individual CMYK cartridges

    (2-liter or 10-liter each one)


    All ink receptive materials (Uncoated Paper, cardboard, paper board etc..)

    Web width:

    800 mm


    SYSTEC Aria interface, for Windows 10

    Internal RIP based on Harlequin RIP from Global Graphics

  • Products you can print on

    With ARIA, the only limit is the imagination (click to see some samples)

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